I have been using RG3 clamps for many years and I would not ride with out! I always have a good feel of the front end and the bars never move side ways. If you crash, the front end stays straight and I can continue racing. I would not race with any other clamp besides RG3!

-JS (Jean Sebastien Roy, 6 Time CMRC MX1 Champ)

"Travis could run any clamp he wants, works or otherwise. He has chosen to continue to run RG3 clamps on all his bikes for Freestyle, Supermoto, Supercross, Motocross, and anything else he does on two-wheels because he likes them and we believe in them. I've got them on every one of my personal bikes as well. In addition to resisting the twisting common to most bar clamps, they are also much easier on the wrists, because the elastomers do a great job of helping to dampen harsh impacts."

-Ron Meredith (Cernics/Team199 Team Manager)

“The stock setup just wouldn’t allow for a competitive pace because of front chatter/pulsating and rear instability. I worked with RG3 to resolve one issue at a time and in the end they delivered a complete solution. What I particularly like is that there weren’t any drastic hardware changes. After the suspension was done I was also able to realize the other advantages that the ZX6R has to offer… It’s also worth mentioning that the steering dampener is a necessary upgrade.”

-Ademar Nunes

've tried all types of suspension set-ups and was never quite satisfied until I took my bike to RG3. They really smoothed out my bike and made riding the rough stuff easy.

- Mike Tandberg

An open letter

RG3 Suspension,

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone at RG3 Suspension. The people that I have dealt with have been helpful, professional and courteous. This also extends well beyond the people skills at RG3, as the products that I have purchased and used have not only been of a high quality, but they have also delivered a level of performance that I could only expect to see from a shop that really understands suspension.

The triple clamps that I recently installed were top notch in looks and performance. First off I have to admit that when I pulled them out of the box, the bling factor was off the charts. And with your helpful staff I went with a recommended reduction in the stock off-set which produced impressive results. In many ways I would say that the combination of reducing the off-set and the stiffness of the bar clamps improved the handling so much that I am no longer considering buying a steering damper. The front end is so planted in the corners and yet is so stable in the straight's that I really feel like there's nothing that a damper could do to improve it.

And for too many years I use to always ride stock suspension, sure I replaced springs, changed the oil type and height but I could never get them to be plush and resistant to bottoming at the same time. A few years ago I started trying a couple of local shops that had great suspension tuning reputations and while they were better than stock, none of them performed well enough to justify what they charged.

Well, it just so happened that a used '08 RM250 came up for sale that had not only been well taken care of, but it also had a complete RG3 suspension set up (DLC coating and Smart Valves) on both ends. I paid a premium because of the suspension work and I took a chance and after the first ride I'm sure glad I did! Simply put, hands down it is the best suspension package that I have ever ridden on. Now, any time I go riding with my friends I feel like a hero because I know that the suspension on their bike is killing them, I just tell them that their just out of shape, but the "RG3 Suspension" stickers don't lie.

Thanks Heath, Phil & Kyle, I will be back but for now I'm going riding!

Rich Klein

I was initially skeptical about the application on a four stroke and the feel of rubber mounted bars. I really didn't notice a difference on my home track. (Hangtown). The control feel was good and the bike felt a little softer in the front end. My lap times however dropped consistently by 0.6 seconds. I didn't notice some of the smaller braking bumps like I used to and that is an attribute to the clamp. After one ride at Glen Helen (Moto number 14 of the first round of moto's) I was very impressed. The track was rougher than it had been and I wasn't struggling to hang on to the bike like before. I typically got arm pump at the end of the moto's at this track. This time I didn't get it. The benefits I received from this clamp are elimination of arm pump and faster lap times. Thanks RG3

- Rob Marshall

I just wanted to thank you and your entire staff for the great work and help in tricking out my suspension. As you may remember, during my visit from Hawaii, I didn't have much time and I really appreciate the extra effort that went into getting my stuff done quickly and efficiently - even with anodized coatings! Your staff was a great help in explaining everything to me as well as packing my fork and shock back up into my make-shift 'luggage' box for the plane ride back. I can't say enough good things about you guys. The best thing of all is the performance of the suspension. My stock '03 YZ-250 suspension was less than stellar and now the thing handles everything like a dream! Even though you guys set it up for Motocross, it performs beautifully on the trails as well - I can ride twice as long. At 39 years of age, I need all the extra help I can get to make my riding as comfortable as possible (so I can keep pretending that I'm 19) and I don't think it gets any better than this. You guys will do all of my bike suspensions from now on. One more thing - the triple clamps are awesome as always - my son loves his billet clamp on his new '03 YZ-125. He says the vibration that was bothering him (and giving him arm pump) is completely gone. My gold upper and lower clamps look sano with the gold anodized fork tubes - I swear I have the best performing as well as best looking suspension in the Pacific! Mahalo Nui Loa and Aloha,

- Steve Von Hargett

Thank you very much for great work you performed while fine tunning front and rear suspension for my CRF450 '04. Thank you so much for the great set of upper and lower tripple clamps, titanium shock spring. All these creative products really makes tremendous difference while on the track and build up my confidence in my bike, as a result I am much faster now and have so much fun while riding. Now the only thing I need just to go riding. Couple of my friends are purchased upper and lower tripple clamps and they are very happy with the product as well. Warm regards from Sakhalin island. Russia.

- Andrey A. Nikolaev

"being a weekend warrior on a motorcycle, my suspension and its components need to be worry free. RG3 allows me to be worry free and stable on any racing terrain"

- Jeff Kent